Help with prom season expenses coming soon

Anya Womack, Staff Reporter

       Prom is a big deal for upperclassmen in high school. It’s all about the makeup, hair, and dress. But sometimes it can be a costly issue. Luckily, the public library is helping girls get ready for the big day. On April 13, 2019, IBMC (Institute of Business and Medical Careers) college is teaming up with the library to offer help with makeup, up-dos, and haircuts for free this prom season. IBMC college is a cosmetology school in Greeley and they need as much hands on experience as possible. Tecla Valasek (20) says, “I’m super excited for this experience because I myself am not great at doing my own hair or make up, so I’m super stoked to look super beautiful without having to pay for it or have to worry about the cost of it.”
As Valasek explains that prom is a costly issue and not everyone can afford the princess/ prince treatment she makes a point, “everyone is very worried about prices so it makes the experience of prom a lot less fun.”
With the increasing prices of dresses for prom, students and parents have to budget more for other things such as doing their own hair, makeup, and nails. Asking how this started, Samantha Hudspeth, organizer of the IBMC prom hair committee, said, “When I was in high school, the library in my town did something like this and that’s where the idea came from.”
Hudspeth explains, “It’s not fair how much prom costs because everyone deserves this experience and it’s not fair how much people charge just for one night.”
Hudspeth, being passionate about getting everything set up to help students, she is just trying to help her community save an extra couple dollars. Kids have big plans with using this opportunity to their advantage and making the best out of potential savings.