Egg surpasses Kylie Jenner in Instagram likes this week


Charlotte Reynolds, Staff Reporter


This past week a famous egg was trending on Instagram. As of February 2018, Kylie Jenner held the record of 18 million likes for her picture of her newborn baby. A plethora of students from Eaton High School contributed to setting the world record of the “most liked image on Instagram”. The Instagram user “world_record_egg” posted the image on January 4, 2019. Just 10 days later, it surpassed the media star’s post. As of today, the egg has 50 million likes. This event has gone viral throughout the halls of EHS. This generation has a very unique way of conveying humor. “It doesn’t take much to entertain us.” said Abby Whitaker (22).

Memes are very prominent in today’s culture. The actual punchline they imply has gradually become more abstract. Liam Wray (22) said, “It’s not about the money, the clothes, or the baby like Kylie has, it’s about some good memes.” Wray believes “our priorities have shifted.” Monique Santos (20) said, “I don’t think it really has much meaning except making fun of Kylie Jenner, the picture is just an egg.” On the opposing end, Ashlen Livingston (22) said, “It means we’re willing to work together to do something really dumb, it was an accomplishment because it beat a record.”  If this is the start of 2019, it’s a complete mystery what else will make headlines this year.