Over 400 lineup for ‘Taste of Eaton’

Annual event raises funds for state competitions


Liliana Lara and Mikayla Schwartz

A community is only as good as the food it produces and Eaton produces some mighty fine food. All the “F’s” FCCLA, FFA, and FBLA put their best food forward, to host the annual Taste of Eaton Friday Oct. 4 before the Eaton High School’s homecoming football game. The clubs attract the towns keen sense of taste for supporting the local high school and local food growers . Many days of planning, and student volunteering went into the three hour fundraiser in which students volunteered to help run the fourth annual fundraiser. Which raises money to send students to FFA leadership conferences, including nationals in October and the state conference on June 5-7. These conferences include speakers who give their own life experiences  and advice to the generations below them. But the event does more than raise money, FFA sponsor Heidi Lanning said, “It helps showcase the locally grown agricultural products.” FCCLA showcases their ever growing talent in the kitchen helping serve about 400 people who attended, while FBLA practices business skills.

Leah Fetzer (20) slices up chicken enchiladas to serve to guests.

Students who volunteer for the Taste of Eaton were given one of three jobs: runners, servers, and ticket takers. As Sarah Westerman (20), a runner, said, “ My job was to make sure everyone had enough food to feed the people that they didn’t run out. If they did I would have to go into the kitchen and get them food.” From Hallie Carol (20), a students point of view, “FFA’s job is to get everyone to understand what is grown here and what they produce as a society.” For others it’s just the volunteering that draws them to the fundraiser Katie Gomez (22), a freshman in FCCLA said that “ I learned that it’s fun to volunteer and I always have a good time.”

Principal Jay Tapia laughs with Noah Moore (21) and Lane Wyatt (21) at the chocolate milk stations.

A great night with good company left the fundraiser once again successful. This annual fundraiser emphasizes the large agricultural setting that symbolizes the town. Servers filled plates with foods ranging from sweet corn to elk meatballs the plate. Guest ate locally made zucchini bread and ice cream once meals were finished. To wash it all down,  FFA provided chocolate milk, juice, and water in a complimentary cups that change colors based upon temperature. After the Taste of Eaton several guests moved to the football stadium to help celebrate homecoming.