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Are you clever, enthusiastic, or want to succeed; if any of these characteristics sounds like you, the deadline is quickly approaching for the National Honor Society, an opportunity to lead the world. In order to be in NHS you need to submit an application to Mr. Maio by April 6; the friday after spring break. If you want to be part of NHS four areas that the club evaluates are: scholarship, character, service, and leadership. The application can be obtained from Mr. Maio or in the main office. The application includes a table that requires to be filled with leadership positions the applicant has held in the past or is currently doing. Lastly the application has an admissions rubric which explains what kind of different leader, character, or service can be demonstrated to be accepted in. Before you look into NHS, make sure to keep a GPA of 3.6 maintained throughout high school. If you are a freshman however, you may only sign up as a sophomore  and can be inducted in May of sophomore year. The best thing about signing in sophomore year is not having to reapply the last two years in high school. Once you are in you are part of the club until you finish high school or until they kick you out. NHS is about bringing the best in everyone and helping out others.On Monday 19, NHS had a meeting in Mr. Maio’s room for a group picture to have in the yearbook. The students gathered right away with wide smiles and snapped a photo. Joseph Messmer the club president (18) said NHS “Is a way to give back to the school and community, while also achieving excellence.”

Don’t let the evaluations intimidate you, joining the club is really worth it. Elizabeth(18), Vice president of the club, said NHS “Holds you to a higher standard and it challenges you to be a better you, not only that but it is fulfilling to interact with the community.” NHS is known around the world and it will have colleges considering you twice. In NHS you learn so many valuable qualities. Volunteering is part of signing in, NHS have been judges for Eaton middle school. And if you enjoy judging younger kids this is the place for you. NHS also does charity work for improving the soul. They have gone christmas shopping, christmas shopping indeed, for children who need cheering up. After all it’s about giving and not receiving. NHS has also been to the Guadalupe center, and done yard work for the community. If that wasn’t enough this club has donated blood for patients who need it. But, if you don’t want to do one of these activities you can always skip it and help in other activities. This months good deed is a fundraiser called caps for cancer, and they are looking to raise money for cancer patients. In the month of March NHS has been raising money for  patients with cancer. In every advisory there’s a box used to encourage students to donate at least change or any donation. This fundraiser was all planned and delivered by the club’s committee. Every member in NHS contributes to a different cause such as giving ideas or volunteering in the cause. Caps for cancer is one of the many fundraisers NHS has done to help them grow with the community and themselves. If you sign up for NHS NHS makes you feel good about yourself and it brings joy to the community. In NHS every member becomes a well rounded person and that is what colleges want in an applicant. After April 6, a few weeks after evaluation an induction ceremony will be organized to celebrate the new members of the club. If some applicants are denied try again next year.

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