Winter storm Valerie hits Eaton

Everet Slaughenhaupt

   After a few days of hot temperatures and sunshine for Eaton, rain began to pour down on Wednesday evening, continuing through the night and through the day Thursday and turning into snow later in the day. This storm and the predicted weather to come has caused cancellation and rescheduling of both track and baseball state competitions, leaving many in question of when the competitions will take place. The storm brought with it flooding throughout Weld County, but here in Eaton a torrent of water swept over the Great Western Trail and through Elm Street, flooding that street and the intersection next to the middle school. The middle school pit was also flooded, filled to the brim with rain water. Although the storm caused havoc on traffic, some students found enjoyment in this newly-made pool next to the middle school by jumping into it.

   As the temperature dropped later in the afternoon, the rain turned to snow and continued to fall. With the coming of morning, students did not awake to a snow day or delay, but they did awake to a wet mess of  snow, water and slush. This winter storm was named Valerie, and is possibly bringing the hardest-hitting snow storm in May that this area has seen for more than 40 years.