Bands deliver amazing performance


Isaiah Cordova

By Everet Slaughenhaupt

The Eaton bands, directed by Logan Doddridge and ac- companied by the middle school band, performed its last concert of the school year on Monday, May 15. Jazz Combo started the night o with “Pol- lo Rojo-”an upbeat jazz song emphasizing horn instruments. “Hot Java Jump” and “Elvin and the Hip Munks” followed two more well-done jazz pieces. Jazz Ensemble performed after Jazz Combo, following with “ e Nola Roller,” another jazz song, starting out with a fun clap intro and going into a well- done horn piece with drum complements.
“Hay Burner” and “Maiden Voyage” followed, then “The Chicken” a great drum and horn instrument jazz piece. “Such Sweet under” and “A Gentle Touch” completed the Jazz Combo’s part of the concert.

Concert Band took the stage to give the audience a grand nale, beginning with “ e Old Hound Dog Rag-” an energetic song starting with a conglomeration of horn and percussion instruments. Con- cert band then went on to perform “Foundry” and “On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss.” ey nished the night with an amazing rendition of “ e Great Locomotive Chase-” a rather dramatic piece that tells of a locomotive chase through epic music.

Eaton’s Jazz Combo, Jazz En- semble and Concert Band also performed on Tuesday, March 7. e night began with the Red’s Jazz Combo’s “What’s Cookin” followed by “Alright, Okay, You Win” with a solo saxophone performance by Monique Anchondo (20). e Jazz Ensemble took the stage after Jazz Combo played two more songs with a number of well-done solos. “Back On- line” was Jazz Ensemble’s rst piece,complemented by a gui- tar solo done by Emma Weaver (17). “Downtown Tango” and “Pshaw” were performed af- ter “Back Online” by the Jazz Ensemble, then “All of Me” with a beautiful vocal accom- paniment by Jayde Contreras (17). A number of solos were integrated throughout Jazz Ensem- ble’s last song “Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise” for an amazing nish.

After a brief intermission, Eaton’s Concert Band captured the audience’s attention with “Peregrin a Traveler’s Tale-” a fantastic song that tells a story. e song the Concert Band played followed with was an exceptional song called “Blue and Green Music,” which be- gins with a sad undertone but turns into an epic and trium- phal piece that earned them an “excellent” rating. e grand nale of the night was “Danse Bohemien” featuring Bryce Decker (18) on the xylophone. Houston Clevenger (17), EHS band member for four years, wanted to o er his thanks to fellow band members and said, “ anks for all the inside jokes made up over the years.”