Op/Ed – Trump’s lies will hurt the very people who voted for him

Isaiah Cordova

Trump’s government has no interest in protecting blue-collar America, only their own

By Isaiah Cordova

Donald Trump’s Republican party is now but a shadow of what it once was. The entire organization used to be a respectable political party catering to the interests of the rural American, and those are the small town, conservative, hard-working voters who Donald Trump targeted his campaign to during the 2016 race, and he won. These working-class voters are the people who put him into office. What they don’t realize is that Trump has sold them on a bill of goods. His recent actions, and plans for the future, are the exact opposite of what he promised his followers. Not only that, they are designed to harm the very class of people who voted for him. A political organization which is plotting against the very people who voted it into power is not a political organization at all, it is an insult to the American people who voted it into power.

To be direct, the Grand Old Party is planning the ruination of America and the promotion of the wealthy and political elite. All the while, he rants on twitter about how the media is against him, distracting the public and news organizations from these vital discussions about his lies. Trump and the GOP have successfully conned the American people who were too ignorant to see what he’s been doing. If you can’t see what’s going on in Trump’s offices, I will now outline them here.

The Education Con

The GOP’s stance on education and labor laws are designed to propel America back into the “dark ages” of the early 20th century, when young kids who couldn’t go to school worked in coal mines and factories. Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, has a close and consistent history with a think-tank that promotes deregulating child labor. DeVos also promotes the defunding of public education and the promotion of private schooling, which would leave impoverished and lower-class families out of vital educational programs that can help pull them out of poverty (Source). These policies do not help the little man, it digs them a bigger hole. In the meantime, millionaires and billionaires profit at the physical, financial, and educational expense of America’s youth. By threatening to defund America’s education system, Trump is saying that education is only for those who can afford it. Rather than being a fundamental, universal right, education will be exclusively for the the rich. And those who cannot afford education shall be working for the wealthy until it is not feasible for them to attain an education. This ideology is an insult to the classic American “underdog” story, and it’s an insult to the American people. The defunding of the education system will lead to a generation of people who blindly accept what the government says, which is incredibly dangerous and undermines the entire concept of a democracy run by “an Educated Citizenry” as designed by the Founding Fathers.

Tax Con

While Americans are working longer hours with less pay, the rich will be getting richer because the Trump administration has made it clear that they will be cutting taxes for the wealthy. Under the tax plan, millionaires and billionaires, including Trump’s own businesses and partners, will be getting cuts up to as much as $214,000. This major cut in revenue will need to be balanced in the governmental expenditures, so the money will likely be coming out of welfare programs designed to help the “forgotten class” (source). Again, Trump has lied to the Little Man, and will see to the theft of wealth from the empty pockets of blue-collar America.

Con of Legitimacy

Donald Trump’s government, aside from promoting archaic and dangerous ideologies, promotes crony capitalism with the appointment of multiple donors. The number of donors being appointed to vital government positions is unprecedented in modern American history. 40 percent of Trump’s appointed positions are filled by high-profile donors who gave at least $800,000 to the campaign. Coming from a candidate running on the platform of helping the little man and “draining the swamp,” this deception is concerning. Instead of draining the swamp in its entirety, he has drained out intellectuals who actually understand what they’re doing, and filling the gaps with these rich yes-men who have conflicts of interest with businesses which will profit from lawmakers who have something to gain from the company (source).

Insulting the Constitution

And after months of Trump’s campaign promises to rid the government of non-transparency, the GOP plans on restricting the First Amendment on Capitol Hill, one of the most vital Constitutional rights in America. The GOP is shooting to punish filming and photography by the press on the House floor. The punishment is said to be in place to prevent another protest by Democratic politicians. Though, this action is hypocritical, as the House GOP has a habit of denying the Democrats lawful passage of bills, going so far as to halt all cooperation between parties out of spite of President Obama and other House Democrats. This disgusting double-standard is designed to ensure the GOP’s power in the Senate rather than an equitable and fair balance of power between the two major political parties. Paul Ryan says that the new rule will maintain order in the chambers while in session, but is clearly just an attack on the American press, the vital body of organizations tasked with holding government officials accountable. Without the press, the American people would be blind to the actions in D.C. By removing accountability, the GOP is hoping to get away with passing whatever laws they want without any resistance. It is a tell of how power-mad the Republican party has become. They plan on not representing American interests any more, only their own.

And while this betrayal against the People has been occurring, Donald Trump has been distracting the press from these important issues through his twitter account. The facade marches on unobstructed as many confirmation hearings are overshadowed by Trump’s first press conference since early November last year. Trump’s 3 a.m. Twitter rants and coinciding events are all carefully scheduled to distract and misinform the American people, and that level of deception is inexcusable. The government is gaslighting the American people, tricking them into believing a false reality manufactured by the GOP through persistent denial and misdirection. Two of many examples of this include the 3 million “invisible illegals” who voted for Hillary Clinton and calling respectable news sources like the New York Times “fake news.” Not enough people are noticing the deceptions played out by the Republican party.
The American people’s ignorance has allowed for a self-interested government of serial liars to come to power with little resistance, and just like with snake-oil salesmen and other notable con men in history, it is time to run it out of town.