Eaton Sends 20 to Patriot League Honor Band

Myiah Scott

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By Myiah Scott

Spotlight focuses in as a select few EHS band members prop up their instruments in anticipation at the Honorary Patriot Band League concert Monday Jan. 26.

 EHS broke a record this year for the number of kids it sent to honor band. Band director, Doddridge said “Twenty kids made it this year and out of all the schools in Patriot League Eaton had the most get accepted this year.” In Patriot League all band directors split up and coordinate to organize different activities. For the honorary concert this year kids had to audition and send in a video.

 One band member who went along on the trip, Ira Smith Lopez (15) said, “You can tell they all practiced really hard, and the director said they were respectful, which is good to hear.” All EHS band members headed in early Monday morning with a long day of meeting with the director, rehearsals, and a concert ahead.

 Out of all the kids that participate two bands are formed, with 55 members in each band. The bands are an ensemble of the randomly selected students from areas such as Brush, Platte Valley, and Fort Lupton. Each selected participant plays in either the higher band or lower band for the first time together on Monday in rehearsals and later that night in the concert. Among one of the accepted EHS band members was percussionist Natalie Dyer (15). Even though this can be overwhelming Dyer (15) said, “I like challenging myself and going out of my comfort zone, auditions are definitely out of my comfort zone.”

 The top instrument each got accepted and is able to perform each year with a famous college professor and famous directors. This year’s director was from UNC. The concert was a success and the EHS band kids are back to hard work with a stunning record and night under their belts.


Practicing in the band room is Doddridge and Dyer (15).

Practicing in the band room is Doddridge and Dyer (15).