EATON acronym displayed for the community

EHS students paint mural in downtown Eaton

Kylie Schumacher, Staff Reporter

The EATON acronym has its own personal meaning for each letter. The letter E represents excellence, which means that one is going the extra mile and is outstanding. The letter A is awareness which is the knowledge of people’s surroundings and perception of others. The letter T means tenacity which means having the determination to do something. The letter O stands for ownership which means not being afraid to stand up for what is right and the act of possessing something. The last letter N represents noteworthiness, which is something that is interesting, unusual, or significant.

Senior Ainslie Ross emphasizes the importance of noteworthiness. She said, “Noteworthiness to me is making sure your actions are worth being noted. It means you are representing yourself and doing the right thing.”

The acronym is a big part of the Eaton community. It is important that people understand what it is and how it affects others. A few of the art classes at EHS got the opportunity to paint a mural of the EATON acronym on a board in downtown Eaton. The mural is valuable to the students because it’s their work that is being displayed to the community, and shows how people view them.

“The mural was thrown into my lap, and I got an email asking if we wanted to do it on our own free time,” said Payton Sporleder, the EHS art teacher. 

Each art class was given the opportunity to choose a letter to paint a representation of that meaning. They got to brainstorm and as a class came up with one idea that would fit the letter they chose. The overall piece was created to show what Eaton represents for the community to see how one supports one another.