Live and in concert

The EHS bands prepare for a year full of good music


As the season starts the EHS bands begin to prepare for their first concert that will be coming up very quickly. The EHS band has three sectors; Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and Concert/Symphonic Band. 

Director of Bands Mr. Corneliusen said, “I am looking forward to our winter concert on December 19th. After having to postpone our fall concert due to construction, we are excited to get together and perform again, since it’s been so long. It will also be my first concert as the new director here, so I am looking forward to meeting the community of folks in Eaton that support the fine arts at EHS.”

Over the years there have always been four separate bands, but before leaving the school, Mr. Doddridge decided to combine the concert and symphonic bands, due to low numbers of students. Sophomore Kiauna Smith said, “I’m not really a fan of combined symphonic and concert band. It gets frustrating as a musician in symphonic band when Mr. C has to backtrack to help out the people in concert band, especially since I got used to how fast-paced Mr. Doddridge moved with the symphonic band last year.”

With a new band director this year the musicians have to adjust to the different teaching ways that Mr. Corneliusen has. Taylor Ross (25) said, “Something a little different is he has us listen to an orchestral piece every day to train our ears more. He is helping us become better musicians through our instruments and better musicians in the technical sense.”

The band students are excited for different things to come as the year carries on. Smith said, “I’m just excited to be in band and to be able to have a space to release my emotions through playing my instrument.” 

On the other side of things, Mr. Corneliusen wants to see growth in the bands. Corneliusen said, “As the band settles into its new space and we finally get comfortable playing together again, I am expecting for us to make some great music together as we grow closer to our concerts. With COVID finally in the rearview mirror and the opportunity to play together in a brand new space, I am eager to see how the students grow as an ensemble and how we can push forward towards making music that means something to all of us.”

Come support the EHS bands on Dec. 19th for their first winter concert in the new auditorium.