Under the spotlight

Twenty-three students earn spots in the Patriot League Honor Choir


Patriot League Honor Choir is an audition-only choir. 23 students from Eaton High School received spots in this prestige choir and will represent the school in future performances. 

Honor Choir provides a unique opportunity for students to perform with other students in the league and state. This is an upper-level choir designed for students who want to further their choir experiences while expanding their knowledge in the world of music. Students get to perform side by side with other people that share the same passion for music. 

Auditioning for Honor Choir requires many pieces; a prepared piece, major scale, major triad, minor triad, melodic sight reading, and rhythmic sight reading. Students make a recording of these pieces for their audition and submit this to a group of judges. This recording is then scored and those with the highest scores are placed into the Honor Choir.

Christina Contreras, Eaton High School’s choir teacher, said, “They are learning the concert songs on their own time as well as attending a lunch rehearsal once a week where I help them.”  Students are responsible for practicing and perfecting the music outside of choir class. 

This practice will be put into place on Nov 14. 2022, when the entire Patriot League Honor Choir will perform at the Union Colony Civic Center at 7:00 pm.

Hope Shoemaker (24) said, “The most rewarding part without a doubt is when everything comes together at the concert, and it sounds, unlike anything you’ve ever heard. When you’re so into the music that you can literally feel it, and sometimes, if it’s powerful enough, the audience feels it too. It’s truly unexplainable.”