Hit and Run in Greeley, Colorado

Man under the influence hits Weld County Deputy


Remi Baessler, Staff Reporter

Norberto Garcia – Gonzales, an illegal immigrant, claimed to be using a fake social security number along with a fake name. 35 years old, accused of causing a fatal collision with a 24 year old female, Alexis Hien Nutz, Weld County deputy. Hein – Nutz was driving southbound on Weld County Road 37 by motorcycle when Gonzales drove through the stop sign on AA street heading west. Gonzalez fled the site of the accident hiding in a cornfield to the west. This was considered a class three felony; this was an act of careless driving, under the influence, traffic misdemeanors, and obstructing a peace officer. Hein-Nutz was declared dead once investigators arrived at the scene. 

A witness at the scene described Gonzales fleeing on foot towards a cornfield. On the arrest records, police found a broken can of Modelo, an empty bottle of Bud Light, and an unopened 12 pack of Modelo inside of the vehicle that Gonzales was driving. Gonzales’ bond was set to $50,000 in a hearing on Tuesday afternoon and another court date was set up for September 30, at 8:30am. According to police Gonzales was at large until he was found late Monday night. Gonzales’s route started West on O Street to North 25th Avenue and ended his route North on Des Moines Avenue to Foundations Church parking lot, 1380 Denver Ave. in Loveland Colorado. 

Ted Baessler lives across the street from where the fatal accident occurred and the field right next to him where Gonzales ran on foot in order to hide himself “I didn’t know what to expect. I pulled all the keys out of the vehicles and locked up everything. I killed the switch in all the cars so the suspect couldn’t steal any of them. I scattered some guns around the house in case he broke in, ” Baessler said. The world is in dismay and heartless with others living among us. “Foolish People doing stidupid things’ ‘ Baessler replies. 

Hein Nutz’s funeral was held on Sept. 24, 2022. Her family opened the funeral for the public to attend and pay their respects. Deputies and professional staff rode their motorcycles in honor of Hein Nutz around 8:45am from the Weld County Jail. After the funeral ended, Hein Nutz’s remains were taken to her hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota for a proper burial.