Students right back into school after semester end

Construction scheduled leads to winter break before end of semester

Students right back into school after semester end

Lucas Stone, Staff Reporter

As the semester for Eaton High comes to an end, students and teachers will have no break going from the first semester to the next. Usually, winter break is a two-week-long break in between semesters giving students a little time off. Due to the construction of the new high school, it caused the semester to end later than it usually does. This is much different from how people at Eaton High School teach and learn without having a break in between semesters. Cashe Sanger (23) said, “Having no break in between doesn’t give you time to reset and learn your new schedule, but it also just keeps you in the grove of everything without having to get locked back into school after break.”

Even though no break sounds like an awful thing, students won’t have to struggle to get out of bed for the first time on the day back from break. All students know that trying to wake up after a long break is a huge struggle, and everyone just wants to go back to sleep. Without a break, students will be able to stay in the grove of school and not have to get back into it. Megan St. Jean (22) said, “Not having a break in between semesters is a good thing for students because it lets students stay in a focused mindset. Going from finals week to a new semester is also a good reset for everyone.”

This could be a huge change, especially for seniors because they have been doing it the same way all throughout high school. For the first three years, they had a break in between semesters, but this year it will be a little bit different. Some seniors think that it will be a positive thing for students, but others think that everyone needs a little bit of time to relax. Everyone has a different opinion on what this is going to bring for students. Ashlyn Higuera (22) said, “It’s weird not having a long break between semesters because we don’t get any time after the first semester to get ready for the second semester. This is really weird since the last three years I have been here we have gotten two weeks off to prepare and get the materials we need. It’s also weird because it felt like the first semester went on forever and a lot of my classes ended before Christmas break.”

The construction schedule is leading to longer summers, but it also affects the length and time of breaks. There are both benefits and disadvantages of having no break in between semesters. Having no break doesn’t rely on students to get back into the groove of school, but it doesn’t give them time to just rest and learn their schedules. Going right into semester two after one weekend could be a very good thing for some students but a struggle for others.