Students begin getting ready as finals are approaching

Eaton High School teacher giving finals in last week of semester

Students begin getting ready as finals are approaching

Lucas Stone, Staff Reporter

As the end of the semester is approaching, every student in Eaton High school knows what that means: finals. Many students stress about these tests because it oftentimes covers all the material they have learned in the past four and half months. Students approach their finals in many different ways such as studying with notecards, just doing the study guide, or not looking at anything at all. Jordan Sidwell (22) said, “You just need to make sure you make time to look over all of the concepts you went over and you don’t want to just fly through it because that is when you struggle.”

Even though studying isn’t the thing that is on the top of students’ list, it helps them get the highest possible grade they can for their final grade. If a student has a high B and wants to get an A, they must do well on their final tests or projects in order to get the grade they want for the semester. For most students, if they have a borderline grade it puts more pressure on them for their final assignment. Chandler Stewert (24) said, “It honestly doesn’t put that much more pressure on me. I just try to go in there and do my best and whatever happens, happens.”

Incoming freshmen didn’t have any finals, or super big tests in middle school, so coming in and having finals for the first time brings lots of stress to them. Going into that class having a first final puts a lot of pressure and even if they studied, their nerves could kick in and affect their grade. Kyndal Chadwick (25) said, “I really didn’t know what to expect coming into it and how much it would affect my grade. I never really had to study in middle school so it was really stressful having to stay up late at night and study so I could get a good grade.” 

Finals can have a positive or negative impact on students’ final grades at the end of the semester. It is all up to them whether or not they want to study and get a good final grade in their class. Nerves from everyone kick in, but students need to do their best to push through it and do the best they can for the semester grades they want.