Floriculture at EHS

BUDS class gives students an opportunity to practice and learn about floriculture.

Katie Gomez, Staff Reporter

This year Mrs. Achziger introduced a new agriculture class, Building Unique Design by Students (BUDS), to the high school. This is the first year that floral culture has been offered at Eaton. Mrs. A started the BUDS class due to the greenhouse being torn down. Mrs. A said, “I started doing floral culture within my class because that was a hands-on aspect that they could do without having a greenhouse, there was enough interest with that, that we just decided to start doing the floral culture class.” 

Many students enjoy participating in the class. Daisii Mendlik (22) said she enjoys the BUDS class. She said her favorite part of the class is, “being able to make arrangements every month and making people happy after we deliver them.” Mrs. A said, “I just like the creativity. It’s almost like an art class where you can just be creative and be you. It turns out to be something really fun and cool and colorful.” 

During class, they talk about floral culture design and how to make a floral arrangement. They discuss floral culture concepts and the color scheme that they will be using for the next arrangement. About halfway through the month is when the students take on the challenge of making floral arrangements for those in the school and community that ordered them. They have about a week or two to make all the floral arrangement orders.  

So far, the class has 65 floral arrangement orders. The floral arrangements are a monthly subscription where they get eight arrangements, one arrangement each month. The arrangements can be delivered by the students within town limits or they can be picked up from the high school.

If anyone you know needs a flower arrangement, don’t hesitate to tell them about the BUDS class here at the high school!