Welcoming the New Staff

Eaton High School welcomes new staff for the 2021-2022 school year.


Katie Gomez, Staff Reporter

For the new 2021-2022 school year, Eaton High School is welcoming six new teachers and one long-term substitute into the Eaton family. The new teachers are Chandler Herbst, Kyle Farner, Rebecca Grabler, Kaci Green, Darek Tillman, and Ruth Smith.

Ms. Herbst has been doing art for years and will be the bubbly new art teacher this year. She teaches Studio Art I, II, and III and a sculpture class. Ms. Herbst was a sub last year for Ms.Torres. The students responded well to her and she was asked if she would come back, she said, “This will be a good place, I hope to bring some positive change to this school.” Outside of school, Ms. Herbst likes art, going on walks with her energized dog, Oggie, and watching football when it’s in season.

After having his hand at doing woodworking, Mr. Farner is the new woodworking teacher. He teaches all the woodworking and technology classes. Mr. Farner decided to come to Eaton for a few reasons. Farner said, “I’ve had my eye on it for a while and opportunity presented itself.” When he’s not at school, Mr. Farner does carpentry work. Farner enjoys fishing, hunting, reading, and goes to his kid’s sports activities, which take up most of his time.

Due to Mrs. Guerra’s bundle of joy being introduced to the world, Mrs. Green is stepping in as the long-term substitute for Mrs. Guerra. This year she will be teaching Survey of Language Art, Journalism II, and Public Speaking. Mrs. Green decided to come to Eaton to be a part of her community. She said, “she loves teaching here at Eaton so far.” Outside of school, Mrs. Green enjoys a plethora of hobbies including gardening, going to the mountains, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and hanging out with her three fainting goats. Mrs. Green has one other hobby that she enjoys most, she said, “ I spend most of my time playing with my 10-month-old daughter. She takes up most of my time and I really enjoy it.”

After moving from Arizona, Mr. Tillman is joining in on the math teaching fun this year. In his classes, he teaches Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra Two. Mr.Tillman chose to come to Eaton after he moved from Arizona because he said, “he loves the area and the community.” Outside of school, Mr.Tillman enjoys going camping and doing woodworking.

Family-oriented Mrs. Smith is a teacher for a new class at Eaton called Academic Accelerator. In her class, she helps students who need one-on-one help and just a little extra push in school. Mrs. Smith came to teach at Eaton “because of the community.” She said, “As an outsider, it always looked like they were tight-knit here. Every student or friend that I knew that came from Eaton really excelled. I have always had a high regard for Eaton.” When Mrs. Smith is not at school, she is playing the piano for her church, going to festivals, and hanging out with her family.

All the new teachers this year will be awesome additions to the Eaton family and will do amazing things for the school and community. Don’t forget to tell them ‘hi!’ as you see them in the hallway to give them a nice, positive welcome.