UK made and approved a 95% effective COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. bought a 95% effective vaccine from the U.K. and the first to receive it were essential workers.


Lina Cruz, Staff Reporter

The UK approved the COVID-19 vaccine, UK regulators reported that it is 95% percent effective in preventing COVID infections. Tests on more than 43,000 people have shown that the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective at preventing disease, this was determined a week after participants are given its second dose, The U.S. purchased 300 million doses of the UK’s vaccine. Globally there are 40 vaccines in phase one of testing the effectiveness and safety of the potential vaccine, while there is only one vaccine that has been approved. There are 58 vaccines being tested on humans. If the U.S. approves the vaccine, adults should be able to receive it by 2021, and until there is further testing done, the vaccine is not available for children. The CDC’s ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices)  voted on Saturday that the vaccine should be recommended for people 16 years old and older. The CDC vaccine advisory committee recommended that healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents be first to receive the shot. Even with the testing that was done on the vaccine, there is still uncertainty that comes with it. Molly Maguire, a science teacher at EHS, said, “There are three different ones, two of them seem like they are well-designed studies, they have good data, and they are of course the more expensive vaccines, that cost more, and have to be stored at really really cold temperatures, which is going to be harder to get out. They seem like they have done some really good research and have been very transparent with what their study data is. The third vaccine, the AstraZeneca, I would really like to see a little more research from them, because I don’t think they have been as clear about what their study design and protocol was.”  There is a lot of conflict on the idea of this new vaccine. Some people like the idea of a new vaccine, while others aren’t completely on board with it.