Eaton High School Band Plays On


Alexyz Hernandez, Staff Reporter

After being away from school for six months now, students await their return. They are eager to interact with their peers and teachers in person once more, and are relieved to be back in classrooms. Although everyone knew what to expect as restrictions emerged, some students were still not sure what to expect; not excluding the students who participate in band. Questions are for some students, as to how they will play their instruments while wearing a mask, but the band director for Eaton High School, Logan Doddridge, had a solution for their worries. Band students now have “Band Masks.” Band Masks are red masks with a black border, made with a slit down the middle allowing the player to play their instrument through the mask. Bell, or horn covers are also mandatory in band. These bell, or horn covers are hand made by Doddridge and a parents in the Eaton community who is to remain anonymous. The purpose of the covers is to cover the bell of and instrument to prevent air and spit to escape, while maintaining a smooth sound. the band is also maintaining a six to eight foot distance from one another. “Definitely three feet is not safe for band, since we are emitting air cells, so we’ve developed things like going in the gym, or going outside, that helps us be a lot safer, and still play music, ” says Doddridge.

After speaking with a few of Eaton High School’s band students, they all agreed that although the measures are slightly extreme, it is better than doing band online. “It gets disconnected, and you can’t really hear… that warm sound you get out of an instrument, and when it comes out on an electronic, it doesn’t sound the same,” says freshman, Zara Broadhead.

When asked about her opinion on the changes, junior, Feliz Martinez says, “it’s working now, so i don’t know why we would change it.”

It’s been nine days since the band students have had to deal with the changes, and keep pushing through. Doddridge says, “I think that the band students have been really good models for the school, because they know the protocols, [and] they are not complaining about the protocols, and every single person helps out and gets the tasks done… I am really proud of the band.”

Greeley Central High School is another school that is very fortunate to have band class as well. According to Doug Farr, the Greeley Central High School Band teacher, his students are taking similar protocols as Eaton High School. Unfortunately, the bands have not began playing together just yet, because they are still waiting for their bell, or horn covers to arrive. Another unfortunate happening Greeley Central Band faces, is that the Jazz band is online rather than in person. “I’m just glad that I am still given the opportunity to play music,” says Farr.