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Alexyz Hernandez
Alexyz Hernandez is a sophomore at Eaton High School, and has started her first semester in Newspaper. She enjoys art in various ways. Writing has always made an impact in her life; whether it's through books, plays, lyrics, or articles. Hernandez has always enjoyed seeing words down on paper. Sketching, painting, and listening to, or making music are also things that she enjoys. Hernandez is also a member of Eaton High School's Jazz Combo and Concert Band, playing the Tenor Saxophone in both bands. She hopes to learn more instruments and expand her knowledge in the music world in the near future. Hernandez joined Newspaper in hopes to expand her writing experience and help get word out to others to inform them of the world around them. She strongly believes that perspective is an important factor as to ow a person views others. And she hopes to help open the eyes of her follow peers and encourage them to become more involved and enjoy the time they have at Eaton High School.

Alexyz Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Aug 27, 2020
Eaton High School Band Plays On (Story)
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Alexyz Hernandez