Pets to the Rescue


A few furry friends to hopefully make you smile.

Addie Burke, Staff Reporter

A lot of pets come from rescue shelters, where people can adopt animals that were in a bad situation before. Now, they are re-paying their owners and rescuing them. People are very social creatures that need a companion, whether that be a spouse, friend, pet, or all of the above. Sometimes, people get tired of socializing and just want to sit in the comfort of their homes. But then they get lonely and probably bored. So what do they do? They get a furry friend. Kittens, puppies, maybe a hamster or rabbit… anything that helps fill that void of being alone. But pets aren’t just there to be around the house. Having an animal, or several animals, can help regulate a mental illness that is ever increasing in our world today. Especially now that social distancing is being enforced, pets can be an extremely nice companion to have around. Pets can be a form of distraction from depression. If you are playing with your pet, it is likely that you are away from your phone, which holds a lot of negativity that you don’t need to carry on your shoulders. Taking your dog to the dog park or going on a walk gets you out of the house and breathing in some fresh air. Simply having something to take care of besides yourself can help lessen the levels of depression that are being felt. It gives you a purpose to get up and out of bed in the morning. Dogs aren’t man’s only best friend, any animal that brings you joy can be a helping friend.