End of the year pick-up

EHS will be hosting a pick-up for materials, yearbooks, and end of year check out


Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

It has become official that the students at Eaton High School will not be walking through the halls again this 2019-2020 school year. Principle Jay Tapia sent a newsletter to the parents, guardians, and students at EHS to inform everyone on what is next to come. “So the realization set in for me this week that we will not be back together as a family this school year. I will be honest, the news of this stopped me in my tracks. It made me very angry but I remembered that one of the traits we teach you is tenacity,” he said. 

This week, the school will schedule a pick-up day to gather forgotten materials, yearbooks, and to complete the end of the year check out. Tapia is hoping to have all these done in the same day to reduce the amount of times that students come back to the school.

There will be a coordinated process in which students will follow to keep everyone safe. The schedule and process outline will be posted sometime this week. The district is aiming for the weekend of May 18. Graduation plans are still also being thought out. At this point in time, the future is unknown right now and ultimately it is a waiting game for what comes next.