Top four Red Flags for Relationships

Genesis Gurnsey, Staff Reporter


LACK OF COMMUNICATION: In any relationship communication is key, but for some, they find it difficult to talk about issues or express how they feel. Sometimes they distance themselves instead of being open and honest.



LACK OF TRUST: Trust plays another huge role in any relationship. Sometimes they just flat out don’t trust you because they have a difficulty of being honest with themselves. Lets say, a relationship is like a huge puzzle, trust is the border, it keeps everything in shape and the way it should be, without the border, the other pieces cant be in the right place or makeup the perfect picture. You’re “missing pieces” from the puzzle and the relationship if there is no trust.



FEELING INSECURE IN THE RELATIONSHIP: Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you’re unsure of where you stand in the relationship. This goes a long with lack of communication. Rather of talking to your partner on where you stand or even strengthening your connection you just feel more and more anxious and uncomfortable, this will only cause you to feel more insecure of the relationship you’re in. 



ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR: This flag should be a no-brainer but some people who are in an abusive relationship don’t see it until it’s too late. Usually the person in the abusive relationship is too scared to leave or is constantly fed lies such as “I’m sorry” “It wont happen again” “I just love you so much.” These lies are fed to the victim and sometimes they believe the lies and stay with them. If you see someone in an abusive relationship, don’t stand on the sidelines and watch, step up and say something. These abusive relationships don’t have to be physical, it can be mentally and emotionally.