Finding Calm in the Chaos

Charlotte Reynolds, News Editor

In the midst of worldwide chaos, it is hard to set your mind on what’s positive. It has now been two weeks since the students of EHS have walked their halls, hugged their friends, and experienced the weekly routine of a teenager. The absence of structure and schedule can leave students feeling bored, lonely, and sad. Considering the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected the entire world to some extent, life before the storm was taken for granted.

Instead of laying around all-day, activities that stimulate teenager’s brains are proven to help them feel productive and overall happier. Listening to music, creating music, cooking, singing, dancing, and creating your own art are all outlets of expression that are enjoyable in the process and provide a finished product to be proud of.

Working out and getting outside are great ways to enjoy the fresh air and stay active, why not get super healthy while you have the time? Maybe long before high school, you enjoyed reading. It’s time to dig into some good books!

For the foreseeable future, we don’t know when life will return. Take all this free time you once complained about not having, to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy sit down dinners and game night with your family in your last years at home.

Keep in contact with your friends. Call and check-in with the people you used to talk to every day, and the ones you haven’t talked to in forever. Once life returns we will be kinder, talk more often, savor our time with the people we love, and consider every day a blessing. That, in itself, is enough hope to continue social distancing.