Senior Spotlight: Colton Sell


Charlotte Reynolds, News Editor

Colton Sell (20) will be attending Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania this fall. He will be studying biology. Being one of the most influential role models of his class, Sell takes pride in his school spirit. Sell said, “I see leadership roles as teaching opportunities. I feel like it is easy to use people to reach a personal goal and leave them behind in the process. Leaders like that never get remembered. I’ve tried to be a leader that makes sure nobody gets left behind. Leaders like those leave legacies that inspires others to do better. I can only hope that the work I’ve done in the past four years inspires someone to do better.”

High school allows students to grow in their character by balancing peers, classes, extracurriculars, and the typical pressures of being a teenager. The most important lessons learned are those that will benefit students after high school.

Sell said, “I’ve learned that the things that take the most work, pay off the most in the end. The activities I was involved in shaped me as a person. Band and theatre helped me come out of my shell and develop my confidence. I had the opportunity to learn from a lot of people throughout my four years in these programs, I think I’m a better person because of it.” Supportive teachers and staff and excellent programs that equip students like Sell with lifelong skills are part of what makes Eaton amazing.