Senior Spotlight: Monique Santos


Charlotte Reynolds, News Editor

Monique Santos (20), a triple-threat with musical, theatrical, and photographic talents, will be attending the University of Lincoln Nebraska this fall. Although her love for the arts is showcased here at Eaton High School, Santos’ interest in major lies somewhere else.

She will be double majoring in forensic psychology and psychiatry. “I’ve always loved criminology and learning about why people do what they do. I grew up watching Criminal Minds so that peaked my interest,” said Santos. Forensic psychology requires at least four years of schooling after high school and time consuming work.

Santos has acquired the skills she needs to continue her education from the dedication required for marching band, the confidence needed for theatre, and the detail orientation used in photography. Santos said, “I’ve learned to be confident in myself. Without sounding conceited, I love myself to be completely honest. I think we learn to love ourselves after we realize that we can’t change anything about it.”

By setting a good example to younger students, the arts departments continue to hold a standard of excellence. Band on a collegiate level is very different than high school. Santos will continue to play the saxophone in her free time. Santos said, “I’m scared for the future because nothing goes as planned, but I know if I have a good foundation I can do anything I put my mind to.”