End of semester choir concert spreads holiday joy

The EHS choir program gets students in the holiday spirit.

Kaitlyn Walsh, Staff Reporter


The EHS choir program sang songs of Christmas and spread holiday cheer to a packed house of students and community members. $2,800 were also raised at this concert because of a silent auction that took place during intermission. As the end of the first semester comes to a close, the choirs got students in the holiday spirit. 

Womens, mens, Bella Voce, and Troubadour choirs performed on December 10 in the EHS auditorium. Judy Olson, Eaton Elementary’s former music teacher, accompanied the choir on the piano. Lexi Nigro (20), a Troubadour member said, “Mrs. Olson’s help made this concert so successful. It is so much harder for Mrs. Contreras to conduct and play, so having Mrs. Olson with us has really helped us focus on being good.” Every seat in the auditorium was filled, and some parents even had to stand in the back to view the performance. 

17 songs were sung in total by all of the various groups, and 18 individuals had solos or duets. Mady Lawrence (23) and Lauren Caudle (23) were soloists in Women’s choir during “Heaven Everywhere” by Francesca Battistelli. The Bella Voce and Women’s choir combined to sing “Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding” by Greg Gilpin which included a descant, a main melody sung above a basic harmony. Bella Voce soloists included Grace Sandau (20), Marisabel Baeza (20), Aria Daniels (22), and Addie Burke (22) in “A Soulful Christmas” arranged by Mark Brymer. 

Men’s Choir closed the first half of the concert before intermission with “Feliz Navidad”, and Derek Renfroe (20), Marco Rodriguez (21), Treavor Proctor (21), Tanner True (21), Jose Silva (20), and Liam Hernandez (21) all performed solos. Choir members enjoy performing for others because it allows them to show their work and talent. Men’s choir member Ian Richling (21), said that his favorite part of performing is “being able to share all of the hard work that has gone into the pieces.” 

During the first intermission, a silent auction took place courtesy of choir program parents and supporters  to fundraise for the choir program. Various donations were received from companies and parents including Bank of Colorado, Qdoba, Nina’s Art, Coffee House 10:24, and many more. 37 total donors participated in the auction, and a total of $2,800 were raised. 

After the first intermission, all the men in the program performed a combined piece to “Do You Hear What I Hear”, and the Troubadours took the stage to perform “A December Prayer” with a solo from Raul Reyes-Camacho (20).  The final number was performed with all choirs together to the song “I Need a Silent Night”. Anna Augustine (20) and Austin Decker (21) had a duet during this piece, and EHS alumni Jasmine Davis presented a poem. The song is meant to provoke others to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas choir concert was a great end to the first semester, but also a great lead in to the holiday season.