New school year refresher

Three different presentation brings needed refresher for students


Abigail Vondy, News Editor

An abundance of assemblies comes hand in hand with the new school year here at Eaton High. Each school year brings new students and new policies. Meaning all grades need a refresher of previous information, or they need to gather new. The past four weeks have brought three different presentations.

The least recent assembly was put together by the Weld County District Attorney Office on Oct. 2. The presentation informed students on the laws around sexting and provided tips on how to stay safe online. Vital information was provided on what to do if inappropriate pictures were sent to another student. Shelby Rusch (22) said, “Now I know how to handle it if I do get sent pictures and I know how to do the right thing so I don’t get in trouble for others sending it to me.”

The second presentation was a mini-movie that the students gathered together to watch over the span of two to three weeks in the auditorium. The mini-movie, called Screenagers, was a documentary expressing the effects technology is having on young people. The documentary explained how teenagers were often times too attached to their phones and other technology such as video games.

The last and final presentation was on drivers’ safety. As students in high school, many have the ability to drive, so getting the appropriate information to stay safe on the roads is important. This assembly brought games and fun with the aspect of learning vital information. Through trivia questions and dance-offs, students were engaged in learning how to stay safe on the roads. Brianna Everhart (20) said, “It was interactive and competitive while we were still learning… It made students think about what they were doing while driving and knowing what to do and what not to do. It just showed us the extra precautions we need to take.”

All three assemblies brought the grades together to introduce new information and to help retain old. Each one helping students be the best they can be for the 2019-2020 school year.