Best year for band yet?

Year started off great after first concert


Abigail Vondy, News Editor

First band concert has set high expectations for the rest of the year after 13 beautifully executed songs were played for the community, including one of which Band Director, Logan Doddridge, dressed up as a superhero with a red cape. The October 16 concert brought moving songs and advanced pieces of work for the new band. Although the band is smaller than last year, all members are discovering ways to overcome new challenges. Lead trumpet player, Nick Sell (21), said, “The instrumentation was different but I think it is a good different. We are performing well for our size, which is smaller. But I do think we are going to do really well this year.” 

With the new band comes new opportunities. Many already know of the successes the marching band has encountered this year. From first at the Legend competition to first at regionals, the Eaton High School Marching Band truly has had a great season. Members of the marching band see the potential in all of the bands and believe this to be the best year for band yet. Monique Anchondo (20) said, “Im very excited for band in general, because we are doing really well. We’ve done better than we have in any previous year and we are actually getting along with each other really well.”

Although the band has had a great few months, there is always more work to be done to better themselves. Doddridge said, “That’s the cool thing about music, it’s never done. You can always get better and I think that’s what it teaches kids. There’s always a note that could be a little bit more in-tune. There’s always a rhythm that could be better. There’s always more energy that could be brought.” There is a lot of ambition in the band this year, and it’ll be exciting to discover what the members do with it.