Lerne Nina kennen

German exchange student enrolled in Eaton High School

Charlotte Reynolds, Feature Editor

From a small town in Germany to Eaton, a new student is partaking in American traditions and experiencing a completely new world. Nina Ullmann, a sophomore at EHS, decided she wanted to study abroad last school year and finally chose to do so. Ullmann luckily got paired with the Whitakers as her host family. Abigail Whitaker (22) said, “It’s really awesome having someone like a sister living with me, I really enjoy showing her new things as she learns to be more comfortable in my home and at school.” Ullman is in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Ensemble. She will be on the swim team later this year. Ullmann said, “Sadly we don’t have the whole school spirit like football games or clubs and activities. We don’t have school dances or spirit week so it gets pretty boring.” In Bremke, Germany she lives with her mom and her 12-year-old brother Nils. In July, Ullmann traveled to New York for four days, along with 50 other students venturing across America. Ullmann said, “New York is really beautiful and huge compared to Eaton. Arriving there I was nervous, but also happy and excited.” Ullmann speaks fluent German and English, took two years of French, four years of Latin, and is currently enrolled in a Spanish class. “I’m so used to learning languages that each one I add on I get better at.” said Ullmann. Nina looks forward to finishing the school year and making the most of her time in America.