Neil Steps in as New American Lit Teacher

Gabriel Holguin, Staff Reporter

From Auburn, Alabama to Eaton, Colorado, Cory Neil has traveled a long distance to begin his job as an educator of Language Arts. Before coming to Eaton, Neil went to Auburn University for seven years and earned  both his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature then received his BA in Philosophy.

He later returned to CSU to get his teaching certification, after which he taught one year at Poudre Community Academy. Neil said, “I was looking for a teaching position near home like the town of Eaton.” Neil said, “I like the relationships you can build with students and teachers alike.” His hobbies include backpacking and hiking with his dogs deep in the wilderness. Neil also plays the guitar, and said his favorite music to perform is old blues and folk.

Neil said he is also a red panda enthusiast and considers himself “a dog person through and through.”