Colorado struggles to decide what season it is


Anya Womack, Staff Reporter

As students are wrapping up finals to go to summer break, the weather doesn’t really show the summer ready feeling. May 20, the weather is raining and gloomy but, as the night falls so does the snow. After the recent snow fall, the snow was so heavy it made the tree on the east side of the school fall down. As Jayden Fabrizius (20) explains, “this weather really brings down the hype of it being the end of the school year because I wanted it to be sunny so I could dress cute. Instead I’m wearing boots and a hoodie because its freezing.” Normally, students like to dress up in their favorite summer clothes on the last day of school, but as an alternative everyone will be wearing jackets and warm clothing. But George Perdomo thinks otherwise, “I honestly don’t care what the weather is, it won’t stop me.” Some people get bothered by the weather and others don’t. As of for the rest of the summer, Colorado is due for a lot of rain. So better be prepared for this summer’s weather trends and don’t forget to look at weather apps before going out.