Summer styles


Matea Floryance (20) poses in her green cargo pants and white crop top.

Charlotte Reynolds, Staff Reporter

EHS fashion icons show off their summer trends

As summer approaches, students at Eaton High School are anticipating the warm weather. Although the temperature isn’t quite there yet, the students definitely are. Dressing for the weather in Colorado is difficult because it showcases the extremes of all four seasons in the course of one week. Fashion is a fun way to express yourself, as it changes each year. Kylie Kayser (21) said, “Fashion over function always, I don’t dress for the weather.”

Shaena Florence (20) sports her striped blue shorts and a white tied tee shirt.

On the opposing side Matea Floryance (20) said “I check the weather every morning before I choose my outfits. I also keep my summer and winter clothes in different closets.”

In the summertime, teens embark on adventures like going to concerts, swimming, vacations, and lake days. Trendy swimsuits, sandals, and shorts are worn by teens all summer. Shaena Florence (20) said, “My favorite summer trend is wedge sandals with the woven grass at the bottom.”

Kylie Kayser (21) wears a green cardigan over a white graphic tee and ripped black shorts.

Kayser agreed, “Wedge sandals are for sure my favorite summer trend.” Despite the snow and freezing temperature, Kati Conway (22) sports her Chacos sandals. Conway said, “I don’t really care what the weather is like, I’ll wear what I feel like wearing.” At Eaton High School there are many ways to express your personality. Sports, art, band, choir, newspaper, yearbook, and theatre are only a few. Matea Floryance’s favorite art form is fashion. “I definitely go for ‘out there’ looks, I don’t follow something everyone else wears. I love to express myself in a unique way.”