EHS’s world travelers


Payton Devlin (20) thinks about her upcoming trip while working in school

Bekah Scott, Staff Reporter

As the school year comes to a close, students pack to travel the world. Leaving June 1 and returning June 15, a group of 22 EHS students, along with Amy Irwin, the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, and Shelley Tregoning, a business teacher, embark on their journey to Italy and Greece through Education First (EF) Tours.

The group will be on a 15-day trip exploring Italy’s hidden treasures, and Greece’s the Mediterranean Sea. The excited group will be partnering with Montrose High School to make a full touring group of 40 kids.

Tregoning, anxious to go to Europe for the first time, said, “It’s going to be amazing because it’s somewhere I never thought I’d go to see so much history.” Irwin said, “I’ve never been there before. I’m excited to travel with a big group.” Irwin says EF tours has prepared her and Tregoning well to be able to proctor a large group of students. The teachers have everything in place and are excited to see how students interact with one another outside of school.

One student going on the trip, Illyana Sathe (20), said, “I am super excited for the experience and to be able to leave life for a little bit and go have fun. Also, I’m excited to be with Tregoning and Irwin because they are the best.”