Eaton High School gets an upgrade


Liliana Lara, Opinion Editor

On Monday April 29  Eaton high school received a new name plate above the entrance of the school. Principal Jay Tapia has been placing signs up around the school “It’s not for the students but when the school has visitors and have a difficult time navigating the small school.” The new sign was installed because on google maps it takes visitors to the front of the old building 114 park ave, while the front of the building is actually on 530 first street where the sign has been placed. So while there are no renovations being currently done on the school there might be possible renovations where the signs words may be changed to say something else such as  gymnasium. Eaton High School’s mailing address had been going to the front of the old building when it should truly be going to the front where the sign had been hung. Their is to be no their renovations done to the school over the summer.