Eaton Community Church magic show

Zeller fills the Eaton Community Church


Mikayla Schwartz, Feature editor

The town of Eaton gathered at the Eaton Community Church for a magical Valentine’s Day. Harrison Zeller, a local magician, is home schooled, but plays for Eaton High School’s basketball team. Zeller delivered this show for the first time in front of his community. He said, “It felt great having the community back me up. It was not only the parents, but it was my basketball team and students of Eaton High School. This was my first big event, and this was the perfect audience to perform to.”

After performing his magic he tied his tricks into a sermon. He began talking about how magic is like the work of the Lord. It was not announced, so his message came as a surprise. He said, “I feel like God has laid this on my heart to be able to speak to people and to gain a quick relationship with them. That allows me to express my faith.”

All of the proceeds of this event went to the school Northern Colorado Christian Academy.

For more information on Zeller and his magic visit his website.