Eaton becomes top-choice school district in Colorado

Eaton ranks 17th out of 181 schools


Jose-Angel Estrada-Barajas, Staff Reporter

The start of 2019 has shown some promising headway to Eaton High School and its accompanying schools., a team of people who combines reviews from real people with thorough analyses from countless data sets, revealed Eaton School District being ranked 17th out of 181 school districts in Colorado. According to Niche, Eaton Schools have especially been appealing to athletes and teachers in Colorado.

Overall, Eaton School District earned a grade of A, with Benjamin Eaton Elementary School scoring the highest out of the five schools in the district. Eaton High School scored a B, with its highest scoring area, Sports, receiving an A. It is worth noting, however, that the Sports category makes up only 2.5% of their overall grade. Academics make up 60% of the weight in a school district’s grade, which include factors such as ACT/SAT scores and state assessment proficiency levels, as well as responses from students and parents.

Eaton Schools are surpassed by top school district Aspen School District No. 1, who boast an A+ as their overall grade and an A+ in seven categories, and Poudre School District in eighth place, who lays claim to an A as their grade and does well in three categories. Still, just behind Eaton Schools is Douglas County School District No. RE-1, in which its best areas are College Prep, Health and Safety, and Sports, and it has a B+ to its name.

While Eaton High School reflects on its newfound attention, Superintendent Bridgett Muse said,  “Students interact all day long with caring adults that work to make every experience meaningful.” On the flip side, Logan Doddridge, leader of the 4 bands, said “technology is the major setback in the school district right now”, implying Eaton Schools’ lack of top-grade technology, according to him. Treavor Proctor(21), an Eaton High School Student, also contended to District improvement, saying “I think parental and community involvement is a huge issue. Eaton Middle School does not want parent involvement, and consequently, the parents don’t know anything about the school”.