Lumberjack look back for winter

Cardigans, sweaters, and flannels recommended by experts


CJ Blaskowski (19) dances down the halls in his plaid black and white flannel, drawing the eye to his best accessory; his fiery red hair.

 Welcome to fashion of the 21st century. Comfort is at the top of the list for finding and pairing an outfit. Button down and button ups are the main attraction throughout the Eaton High School halls. Cardigans, sweaters, and flannels are not only at the top of the list for comfort, but they also come in many different styles and colors.

Now, you might be asking yourself what the differences are between cardigans and sweaters. It is simple. All cardigans are sweaters, but not all sweaters are cardigans. To get technical, a sweater is just a generalization for any knitted top. A cardigan falls into this category, but cardigans are a special type of sweater because they either zip or button up. But who cares about the history because not only do they look cute, but they also are literally everywhere, so they make shopping that much easier! Sweaters have made it easy to look good on those Monday mornings when all you want to do is go back to bed. Leah Fetzer (20) said, “I like wearing them because they are warm, and they are literally a blanket with arm holes, but they are also super cute.” Who wouldn’t want to look cute with a blanket around them on those below freezing mornings! The school may have banne blankets, but cardigans are the next best thing!

No one could one go wrong with a flannel. Tyler Grey (22) said, “Flannels are my favorite because they are so cozy for winter days, and they go great with jeans or leggings.” Flannels could go with just about everything. For the upcoming snowy season, flannels have been making quite the appearance, as they usually do during the winter. Most flannels are specifically designed for comfort. Think about it, would a lumberjack want to wear something light and not durable enough to withstand the weather? No. So, the next time you are picking an outfit, make sure it is lumberjack approved.

Do you need something to do on those cold Saturday mornings? Flannels and cardigans are great for thrifting. Go to the nearest thrift store, and get some gems, buttons, or even just a pair of scissors. Cut a pattern, glue some gems, layer it with an article of clothing, and enjoy your new outfit! Accessorize it  with jewelry, a nice pair of shoes, or even just a backpack!

Flannels have been so popular lately that they had a whole day devoted to them during spirit week. Flannels aren’t just limited to shirts. Wearing flannel socks sounds pretty nice! Think about it, anything could be made out of flannel material!

When someone says they are wearing a flannel our minds instantly think of red plaid material, but flannels don’t have to be a specific color or pattern. They could be anywhere from one color to every color on the spectrum! Short sleeve, long sleeve, shoulderless, tunics, skirts, slippers, the list never ends! So, change it up, style it up, and live it up!

The fashion experts are predicting next year’s winter to be just as flannel filled as this winter! So, tuck those flannels away, and remember them for the next snowy day! Do your worst, mother nature, because the students of the 21st century are ready to take on another frigid winter!

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  • Leah Fetzer (20) layers a cardigan with a maroon dress, emphasizing that even though winter is here chic doesn’t have to go into hibernation.

  • Trevor McDaniel (20) wear a plaid short sleeve shirt a piece that never goes out of style with proper accessories.

  • CJ Blaskowski (19) dances down the halls in his plaid black and white flannel, drawing the eye to his best accessory; his fiery red hair.

  • Katie Gomez (22) Rocks the infinity scarf, a cream sweater, and converse. Infinity scarfs are always a good way to jazz up a simple outfit.

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