Knowledge Bowl places 5th at Estes


Grace Smith, Staff Reporter

EHS Knowledge Bowl takes fifth in Estes Park against 11 competing teams

The Eaton Knowledge Bowl team jounced into the new season at its first meet in Estes park Saturday, Oct. 3 to compete in the first meet of the season. Competing against 11 other teams, the Eaton Reds placed fifth overall. The students representing the high school were Janae Jarnigan, Grace Smith, Trenton Smith, Tyler Smith, Shelby Wright, Austin Dorland, and Alex Fassler .

Knowledge Bowl adviser, Fred Kinney said, “Seeing as this was only our first meet, everyone performed their very best, although there is always room for improvement. We just need to gain some more confidence and start buzzing in faster.” There were two Eaton teams entered, but only the ‘A’  team tied for fourth in the ‘A’ team bracket, and placed fifth overall.

Seeing as this was only our first meet, everyone performed their very best”

— Fred Kinney

First-year Knowledge Bowl member, Trenton Smith (21) said, “I feel like everyone had a good time and that we will do well going into the next meet. Even though one of our teams placed pretty well, I feel like we could all use a bit more confidence next time around.” Other new Knowledge Bowl members include Grace Smith and Tyler Smith.

Kinney said, “Although we did have a promising start to the season, I am excited to see how well we can do when all of our starters are able to join us, and when the newbies gain a bit more confidence.” The starters for EHS are usually the seniors, most of whom could not attend the meet in Estes due to various other commitments. Eaton High will be hosting the next knowledge bowl meet on Dec. 8 at the middle school, and Trenton said, “We are practicing hard and getting ready to dominate the competition in December.” The team that is expected to be the most competition this season is University.

Although he could not attend the meet on the eighth, Senior, Jaryn Stover said, “I feel nervous about our team this year since we don’t know who will be in our state team, but this year I am hoping that we can take state.”