The female guide to everything guy

Liliana Lara

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At the beginning of every relationship between two people who it may concern both are testing the waters. They will determine if the relationship is worth the effort. But in instances where there is a one-way attraction, how shall the unforgiving female act. Well, buckle in ladies because we are preparing to take a bumpy ride through uncharted territory. Here’s a list of 10 ways to get rid of those pesky boys.

  1. Have more fun around other people

Smile, laugh, let loose a little even if you don’t enjoy the other person make it seem like you’re having the time of your life. Just not with him.

  1. Always respond 73 hours after he texted you

The feeling of a text sitting there waiting to be returned gnaws at the back of his mind especially when he’s asking “What are we?” or “I like this girl how should I ask her out?” When you know that “girl” is you, of course, the conversation gets awkward. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

  1. Don’t make time for him to hang out

Don’t have a busy schedule? Well, plan a trip out of the country and never return.

  1. Avoid physical affection

Saying you have a contagious disease and must be kept in a bubble at all times seems to work best in your favor.

  1. Say the things you dislike about him

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Don’t like the color of his hair? Take him to the salon to get the fresh new look. Constantly be nit-picky about the things he loves. Everything he does should be just the way you like it, and make sure you never like it.

  1. Never be serious

Going for that second date? Show up in the fanciest modern clown suit. The new look is a breath of fresh air as everyone will be laughing not at you, but with you.

    7.  Clingy and needy

Sure you don’t need him to feed you at dinner, but for him to feel safe impose the idea for him to be always by your side. Sure you work in two completely different careers, but he doesn’t need a job. Being this close allows a new bond to form, one of which we hope involves resent.

    8. Bodily hygiene

Haven’t showered in two weeks? Don’t worry about it, neither will he. Back to number five everything should be just the way you like it.

  1. Be full of yourself

Not tired of yourself? A new trend today is installing full-length mirrors everywhere and telling him how great you look even though you haven’t showered in two weeks.

     10. Telling him who he can and can’t talk to

His mom called? Well now that you have a schedule for the boy, she’s only allowed to call Tuesdays at noon. His father can contact him on Sunday funday, just for an hour though! He’ll appreciate the schedule and will enable you to pick his friends for the week.

Here are the ten best ways to get rid of anybody in general, not just a boy. You’ll be considered borderline insane. Let’s be honest our advice to you is to tell them how you feel truthfully. Don’t make them feel any less for their feelings they can’t help but develop. They are human too, and honesty is the best policy.