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Behind the Ink

Jayce Parrish, Opinion Editor

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The Eaton Red Ink staff has worked very hard this year to create a newspaper with a larger staff. Although we all work together, we all have our differences in what we write and who we are outside of newspaper. Here is each of the staff member’s accounts on who they are and why they like writing what they write.

Sydney Booth: Editor in Chief

Newspaper has been like a job in addition to my schoolwork this past year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working on the print issues and our website, and I am very proud of how the program has grown throughout my short time here. I am so proud of each and every print issue we have put out this year. In my spare time, I can be found outside during the summer, playing basketball or tennis, and working my part-time job.

Jayce Parrish: Opinion Editor

I am Jayce Parrish, I enjoy running and hiking. I am a political nerd who loves a good debate and expressing my opinion through my writing and my words. I enjoy following current affairs and love talking and talking, as you can see through my writing; I could go on forever. I write what I write in order to inform others and express the way I feel about things and to create a balance between opinions. There is such a large divide right now in America between parties, but through my writing I try to close the divide.

Everet Slaughenhaupt: Media Editor

I’m Everet Slaughenhaupt; I love cats and Jesus. Essentially I like writing what I write because I don’t have to interview people and such I guess. So, yeah…. that’s all you need to know I suppose.

Morgan Koeltzow: News Editor

I am Morgan Koeltzow, a socially awkward 16 year old. My favorite thing to do in my free time is write, so being in the newspaper wasn’t that hard to adjust to. I love writing current events because I care about what happens in the world. I also want to major in International Relations, with a minor in Economics, so paying attention to the world will be essential to my future.

Dayana Pena: Sports Editor

I am Dayana Pena, I enjoy running track and cross country and spending time with my horses. I enjoy focusing on my schoolwork and spending time in the chemistry room. I like to write sports because I like being involved and looking at all the statistics of our highschool boys. I enjoy informing the community about our sports, and I love to see the looks on people’s faces when they see their recognition in our paper.

Kami Rojas: Staff Reporter

My name is Kami Rojas, I love dogs and spending my time helping others in need. I also love sporadic adventures and iced coffee. Music is my therapy. I enjoy being a news reporter because I get to take pictures and escape reality through my writing.

Kaitlyn Tomlinson: Staff Reporter

I am Kaitlyn Tomlinson, I like to spend my time outside, hiking and taking pictures. I enjoy exploring new things. I love the photo aspect of journalism, I like how a photo can tell a story. I joined newspaper to be apart of a team and have another outlet for my photography.

Teja Lemaster: Staff Reporter

I am Teja Lemaster, I like to bike, hang out with friends, and hang out with my dog, Bono Beans. I like to skate. I joined newspaper in order to stop the fake news.

Michaela Hill: Staff Reporter

I am Michaela Hill, I enjoy participating in volleyball, basketball, and track. I am the girl who never has free time because I am very busy with sports. I enjoy writing and taking pictures of a lot of sporting events. Seeing the passion everyone has through one picture brings a story by itself. I joined newspaper because I wanted to get involved in something more than athletics at Eaton.

Noelle Meagher: Business Relations Manager

I am Noelle Meagher, and I enjoy spending my time practicing volleyball, softball, and track. I am always busy running from practice to practice and trying to keep up with school. I recently placed second for triple jump at the 3A State Championships and was blessed with an amazing coaching staff. I like writing sports because I have a good knowledge of what is going on in the action. Writing about sports allows me to have many opportunities to attend all of the games and get good action shots of the games.

AJ Bath: Staff Reporter

I’m AJ Bath. I enjoying skating, badminton, and cooking. I am usually found chilling at the park or at the library reading or with friends. I prefer to write opinion or feature because I can focus on how to write what I want to say rather than what to write in the first place.

Celsi Jurgensmeier: Staff Reporter

For my last semester of high school I decided I would give journalistic writing a shot. I knew that I would learn how to be a great writer and get to report important events that happen within the high school as well as around the community. I was unaware that I would get the opportunity to meet genuine and talented students that I did not know well before. Everyone is very welcoming, helpful and willing to be a hype man when needed. I will forever be thankful for the relationships I had the opportunity to build and the memories made in Journalism for my last semester at Eaton High School.

Brenda Macias: Staff Reporter

I am Brenda Macias and I was staff reporter this year. I joined journalism to improve my writing and to write more often and make it my habit. Although I might not write well it’s my passion to create stories and write about my surroundings. I think that stories are pieces of history that can help us look at the past and see what we improved on. I write because it distracts me and let’s me express myself, especially when I write opinion for newspaper.