A night of magic, love, hope, and duct tape

Kaitlyn Tomlinson

Eaton High School choirs gathered for a night of magic, love, hope, and duct tape on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Women’s Choir started of the concert with, “Songs of a Disney Princess” a medley that included many songs from Disney Princess movies. The medley featured solos by Lily Garcia (21), Abby Hays (21), and Katelyn Leclair (20). They followed that with a Spanish song, “La Musica” and “Inscription of Hope” with narration about the Holocaust by Teleah Riegel (18) and Breanna Chandler (21). They finished off with a choreographed piece, “Do You Believe in Magic” which ended their piece with confetti poppers.

Men’s Choir took the stage after them with a crowd favorite called, “Duct Tape” accompanied by a comical narration by Mason Koehn (18). Then the boys sat at the front of the stage to sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” to make it more personal and comfortable with the audience. They then sang a song in Japanese, “Tsuki (Japanese Moon)” featuring soloists Ian Irwin (18) and Spencer Hays (19). Their last piece was a choreographed rendition of “Barbara Ann.”

The Bella Voce, elite women’s choir, came on stage and kicked it off with a Latin song, “Et in Terra Pax” featuring soloist Lindsey Leafgren (18). Then they sang “Beneath the African Sky,” a song about the Rwandan genocide with a beautiful message of hope that featured a flute solo by Mama Ferrari, Mrs. Contreras’ mom. They finished with a folk song, “American Folk Rhapsody” with soloist, Lindsey Schwartz (18), they wrapped it up with their choreographed piece, a 1990’s pop hit, “Dancing Queen.”

The Troubadours made headway onto the stage and dedicated their first piece, “Hallelujah” with solos by Jackson Contreras (19) 

and Mikeldi Lewis (18), to Kennedi Ingram. After an emotional performance they sang a college-level acapella piece, “Elijah Rock” that knocked the socks off the audience. and “River of Imagination.” They wrapped it all up with their choreographed performance, “L-O-V-E” they danced in pairs for this love ballad. The other three choirs joined them on stage for their joined acapella piece, “Standing in the Shadow.” The choirs have never sang an acapella all together before. The piece featured soloists, Natalie Purcell (18), Alhan Rodriguez (18), Jessica Chapman (18), Brianna Everhart (20),Jesse Mongan (18), and Luke Pickett (18).