Softball trounces Platte Valley and makes a comeback against Sterling

Reds score almost thirty against chief rival, the Platte Valley Broncos.

Morgan Koeltzow, News Editor

September 21, Against Platte Valley

Mercy rule was used September 21, when the Eaton beat the Broncos, 29-1 by the third inning. Several bases were stolen as Platte Valley scored their only run in the first. Eight Eaton runs were racked up. Pitcher Melanie Fye, struggled early on in the first as the bases were loaded. Excellent fielding allowed only one run to score. Pitching for the rest of the game was smooth as Lauren Frink (19) finished it out. By the end of the third inning the reds had scored 29, and the Broncos 1. Head Coach Chad Shaw said “It’s important to get the younger players this type of experience, and the scored runs just as well as the older girls did.”


September 23, Against Sterling

The game was off to a rocky start as one run scored in the first. The temperature was frigid as Remington Ross (20), started the Reds off with a triple. Pitcher Lauren Frink’s (19) strong hit let two runs score. Reds fell behind in the fourth when four runs were scored by Sterling. Head Coach, Chad Shaw said “I think the girls are finally starting to believe in themselves in that they can fall behind, have a bad inning, have a bad at bat, and still be able to comeback.” In the bottom of the fifth the Reds rallied and got five runs home. Sterling could not get it together and the score at the bottom of the seventh was 10-5.

The next home game is this Friday, 29th of september.