Reds defeat University with help of dependable outside hitter


Sydney Booth

Junior rakes in 24 kills on the night

It’s a great day to be a Red, and its always great to beat UH.”

— Kennedi Ingram

In a great display of defensive strength and resilience, the Reds defeated the University Bulldogs 3-0 at home on September 7. The Reds were down by a slim margin from University the entirety of the first set save the last five points. Eaton was able to battle back, ending the first set 25-23 with a stuff block from Kennedi Ingram (18) on the last point. Ingram later said, “It’s a great day to be a Red and it’s always great to beat UH.” The energy from Eaton proved to be too much for the Bulldogs in the second set. Eaton was up energetic and found an offensive and defensive rhythm with help from Makenzie Harris (19), dominating the second set 25-15. Harris amassed a total of 52 attacks with 24 kills throughout the night and was heavily relied on in the third set. University kept the third set tight until the last few points where Eaton pulled away and won the game with a score of 25-20.

Harris could constantly be relied on for a kill or solid attack, even when the team was out of system. Harris said, “It’s a big confidence booster to be counted on by my team so much, and I give all the credit to them. We were really able to pull through and find the next level when we were down.”

Along with Harris, Ana Scott (18) had 33 attacks with 11 kills, and Darcie Kaiser (18) had 15 attacks with 5 kills. Kaiser made big runs from the end line, serving a total of 23 times with her impressive jump serve, erring only twice. Kaiser was later selected Player of the Match. “We all worked together as a team,” Kaiser said. “We dug deeper every match and never let up.” Libero Alicia Lovell (18) dug 22 balls and Chelsey Lockey (18) scooped up 20. Lovell said, “Defensively I think we really got into our rhythm and realized that we a were just a better defensive team.”

In the third set on an out of system ball, Lovell dished the ball the Lockey, who slammed in down in the middle of University’s court from the right side. The Eaton student section went crazy, cheering, “She’s our setter!” Lockey said, “It was definitely a good feeling [to get that kill] since it definitely doesn’t happen too much—it’s pretty rare.”

With 22 blocks on the night, Eaton was also a factor at the net. Alexis Lamoreaux (18), Ingram, and Lockey each racked up 5 block assists.

Head coach Gwen Forster said, “UH is a good team and we will see them again, obviously. They are an emotional team and I think once we took that first set they kind of just fell backward, and so it tells us a lot that we can suck the life out of different teams, but we treat every match the same. UH is UH, Valley is Valley, Faith Christian is Faith Christian. We don’t care who is on the other side of the court.” While she thought the team did better defensively and on serve receive, Forster said, “We never want to be satisfied.”