Reds rise over Resurrection



Lady Reds achieve victory with 12 point lead

After its loss to Liberty Common, the the Lady Reds redeemed themselves with a win against the Resurrection Christian Cougars with a final score of 57-45 on January 31. The Reds are now 12-3 overall and still ranked 11 in 3A, and the Cougars are now 11-4 overall and ranked 15 in 3A, according to Maxpreps.

Although they did not come out on top of the first quarter (12-15), the Reds dominated the second quarter with a 20-5 run that put them up 35-20 at halftime. Resurrection fought back to within seven points of the Reds’ lead in the fourth quarter, but Eaton was able to come out on top by 12 points thanks to the double bonus on account of the Cougars’ fouls. Top scorer for the Reds were Alexis Lamoreaux (18) with 12 points, followed by Addie Randel (20) with 11 and Jayde Contreras (17) contributing 10, according to Maxpreps. Top scorers for the Cougars were Juju Heymeyer (20) and Mamey Williams (17) with 12 points, according to Maxpreps.

Key to the Reds’s victory was defense, specifically shutting down Resurrection’s top scorer, Juju Heymeyer (20), who averages 16 points per game according to Maxpreps. Eaton’s Courtney Leafgren, who had a game-high 7 assists as well as 6 points and 5 rebounds, shadowed Heymeyer on defense the entire game, allowing her to score only three field goals. Heymeyer was able to score 12 points, six of which were free throws. Leafgren said, “She’s [Heymeyer] used to scoring a whole bunch from the field; she has a good shot and has demonstrated her ability is previous games, so being able to hold her to only 6 points from the field is a great accomplishment for our team. I knew the team would be able to handle whatever the other four players threw their way and that my teammates would still be there to play some help defense for me.”

Up next, the Reds will play Estes Park (6-7 overall) away on Friday 4.