Because we’re all HUMAN


April Van Wyhe

Eaton high school, having just recently formed a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) has helped expand the school, and has unfortunately brought a bit of controversy. Most asking why we, as a community, need a GSA. Previous articles, such as the informational piece by Karalee Kothe and the opinion piece as well as two letters to the editor by Luke Pickett and Fox Holt, all posted on the Red Ink website, have already covered the basic of the club, and some issues that have been brought up thus far, but they also sparked the question in many people’s minds why we need this alliance. GSA, being a national organization is a very structured system, and as said on the national GSA website the purpose is to “provide a safe space for these students to meet, provide support, and educate their peers to end homophobia and transphobia in schools.” Much like the national motto, at Eaton high school the GSA has made the quote “because we’re all HUMAN” as their standing point. Again comes the looming question of why we need the GSA? Are student of LGBTQ+ bullied here at Eaton High School? The answer is yes. Teenagers, however some may seem bully others. As said by a person who would wish to stay unnamed for the time being, “I’ve been so afraid of my own brothers and my own parents before coming out that I was considering death or running away before telling them who I am.” Since that time this person has joined the GSA, and is still in the workings to tell their brothers. For people such as this, who have no safe place at home this club is essential. This club, as stated by Rick Kaufman, the club’s advisor and the school’s vice principal, “the purpose of the club is a safety net.”

Many times in this controversy, the FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) and the GSA have been seen at odds, but as stated very well in Fox Holt’s letter to the editor they are not. Even in the most recent club meeting the GSA was planning to support the FSC at their flag pole event. As Kaufman said, “regardless of your interests people are people.” Karalee Kothe, the editor for both the yearbook and newspaper stated, “I am a strong believer in being yourself and letting your unique light shine. In high school, we try to fit in and sometimes we lack compassion. We need to recognize that each one of us is a different individual who wasn’t meant to fit in. Once we realize that we are all different, ironically, a sense of unity and compassion is created. Any club that supports this message is invaluable to Eaton, and all high schools. High school can be rough, but High School Musical said it best: we’re all in this together.”

In the 2009 Climate survey by Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network it was found that 87% of CO LGBTQ admitted to have been verbally harassed, 73% have been harassed on their gender identity, and 89% were excluded by peers. Since then, however the US has gone through many more evolutions, now having gay marriages be acknowledged by all states, and people have come a long way with tolerance of people. But just in that, it should not have to be tolerance. It should be acceptance, and support, because we are all HUMAN, and we’re all in this together.