Eaton Reds crash Estes


April Van Wyhe

By April Van Wyhe

The Eaton Reds narrowly won against Estes ending in a score of 53:48 the first game of the season. Courtney Parsons, Kaitlyn Maker, Rylee Daniels, and Emma Schneider, with the first event, a 200 yard medley relay, finishing first with a time of 2:05.83. The Reds won another 10 out of 12 of the events, some even beating their own personal records. Daniels qualified for state in the 50 yard freestyle, and the 100 yard butterfly, but still did not beat her best time. Ten of the girls broke their best times during this meet, with three of them winning their event. Some of the other notable swimmers in this meet, who won their individual events, were Mckenna McGehee, Kaitlyn Maker, and Mikeldi Lewis; as for the relays the notable teams who won in the Reds were for the 200 yard medley, and the 400 freestyle relay with Lauren Graham, Courtney Parsons, Paige Trujillo, and Rylee Daniels. For a tough battle from the block to the water, the Reds narrowly won against Estes with a slim 5 point lead.