Project Almanac Surprise Hit Among Audience and Box Office

Myiah Scott

By Myiah Scott

Digging in the attic to find only a source for a new experiment to get into college, David Raskin (Jonny Weston) and his sister Christina (Virginia Gardner) discover a camera, secrets, and the true importance of life in the present. David’s one dream has been acceptance into MIT and after a decent project that only got him a partial scholarship, his mom Kathy (Amy Landecker) is going to sell the house to get David the money he needs. David is devastated and wants to find a way to allow his mother to be able to keep the house and get into college on his own. David’s dad was very intellectual and died in a car crash on David’s seventh birthday. On the video camera found in the attic, a video of David’s seventh birthday party displays a stunning image of David’s present self standing in a background mirror of his seventh birthday party. When rummaging through his dad’s old projects, David and two of his best friends, Adam (Allen Evangelista) and Quinn (Sam Lemer), along with Christina find a tool box. Inside the box is a blueprint called “Project Almanac” that will change their lives forever.

In the package is a blueprint for Temporal relocation, or time travel, that is left behind by David’s dad. As the four work on the time machine, countless stunts, illegal break ins, and the tragic loss of the “hot girl’s” car battery accompany failed attempt after failed attempt. After Jessie, the “hot girl” (Sofia Black D’Elia) basically joins the clique of nerds they begin their stunts of time travel.

The lines begin to get blurry when David realizes the ripple effects of his actions, and he must make one last desperate attempt to fix all the mistakes created from time travel.

The director, Dean Israelite, left the running time to two hours exact. The movie came to theatres January 30. This movie has just broke even in the box office. The movie appears to be just another Hollywood screw up, but instead ended up being just the right amount of hilarious. The plot was able to teach a heart gripping lesson without at all being sad like most hits lately. The movie is accompanied with witty humor and twisting thrills of excitement and tragedy. Head on in and catch a movie sure to teach a lesson.

“Project Almanac” is rated PG-13.