Senior Spotlight: Maddie Robson


After high school, Madison Robson (23) plans on attending Capernwray Biblical School in England, to train in bible studies and study theology. “I want to be a light for Christ, someone known for being kind, inclusive, and bold in their faith in the Lord,” said Robson. She is involved in track and field, cross country, Girl Scouts, LINK, the youth group leadership for Calvary Severance, and the Eaton Community Church youth group.

Robson is a leader in everything that she does. From youth group to school, she guides her peers and underclassmen. “Leaders are needed in any environment, for if there’s no leadership, the only people that set the culture and norm are those that inflict their opinions on others, and normally these people aren’t focused on integrity and selflessness,” said Robson.

If you always do your best, even if it’s not great, your best can only become better

— Maddie Robson

Out of the EATON acronym, Robson chose ownership as the most important word. She said, “If one doesn’t take accountability for who they are, where they are, and what they value, they can never improve or be the best version of themselves. You have to admit your mistakes and problems in order to resolve them.”

Besides school, athletics, and faith, Robson enjoys bullet journaling, painting, sketching, and doing artistic things. “If I didn’t need to worry about surviving in this economy I’d pursue a career in art and become a professional artist and florist,” said Robson. She is very passionate about spending quality time with her family, friends, and finding joy in the mundane and ordinary parts of life.

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