A sporadic jump in youth tattoos

Younger generations have started to gravitate toward getting tattoos more than ever

A sporadic jump in youth tattoos

Tattoos have become very popular amongst the younger generation. Today, when walking the halls of a high school, chances are at least one student will have a tattoo.

Tattoos used to be a permanent choice, however, there are now easily accessible places and ways to remove tattoos. This may not have been what opened the floodgates for high school students to get tattoos, but for some, that is one reason why they are okay with getting tattoos at such a young age. Permanent tattoos no longer have to be permanent. This leads to some of the younger people getting tattoos just to get tattoos because they think they’re “cool” at the time. Knowing that a tattoo can be removed increases the chances of young kids getting tattoos just for the fun of it.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t kids who get tattoos for meaningful people or events in their lives. Many of the students at Eaton highschool with tattoos have gotten the tattoos because they mean something to them.

Autumn Hockley (23) who has had her tattoo since she was sixteen said, “I got a matching tattoo with my mom and sister…each of the flowers represents one of us.” Tattoos are meant to last a lifetime and Hockley intends to keep hers forever. Similarly, student Cache Sanger (23) got two tattoos that remind him of his religion and the values he holds. He doesn’t believe he will ever want to get rid of them because it reminds him of things that impact his everyday life.

Senior Zac Grable said, “The meaning behind my tattoo is my grandpa’s birth and death dates (7/15/1954-9-20-21). I don’t think I will regret this because he was the man I looked up to and the guy I spent a lot of time with.”

DeAngelo Rosas (24) said, “The one on my thigh represents my dad. He has the same rose on top as me, but I have a break in my stem which represents the break in my life when he passed away. I don’t think I’ll ever regret the tattoos I got because I feel like if you’re going to get one then get one that means something not nothing random.”

Younger generations have shown more interest in tattoos than ever before. Tattoos with meaning to the kids are a neat sight to see, however, tattoos that are impulsive and don’t have as much meaning are irresponsible among younger generations. At the end of the day, it’s up to a minor and their parents to decide if they’re ready for a tattoo or not. If it is someone who’s eighteen, then it’s up to them to choose if they are ready to have something on their body that’s meant to stay there for a lifetime.