Eaton girls take the course

EHS girls play for the Severance golf team


Seven Eaton Red girls are helping to lead the Severance Girls Golf team this 2023 season. Varsity’s Caitlin Morgan (23), Isabella Baessler (24), and Sophie Morgan (25) are dominating the course this season as they will be heading to regionals soon. The team has been placing high and playing well against 4A and 5A teams. Junior Varsity girls Rylee Olinger (26), Kaya Podtburg (26), and Abbey Gustafson (26) will be participating in their last tournament to wrap up their incredible season on the 16th. 

The girls on this team have created bonds and strong personal connections throughout the season. “As it is my first season, I have been really enjoying getting to play a sport that I’ve grown up around and see amazing players like the Morgan sisters,” said Podtburg (26). Podtburg plans on playing golf for the Severance team for the remainder of her high school career. She and the rest of the team have done great this season individually and as a whole team. 

Caitlin Morgan (23) is the only Eaton senior on the varsity team and is playing her last season for Severance this year. Morgan is preparing for regionals and state and has had a good season so far. Morgan said, “I’m thinking about playing club golf possibly at CSU, but if not I will definitely continue to play just for fun.” As she and the varsity team are approaching regionals, state, and the end of their season, they are working extremely hard to end the season on a great note.